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We Believe: A Summer with the Apostles' Creed

To help us hold the Apostles’ Creed close as we journey through it this summer, below you will find wallpapers that you can download to put on smartphone, tablet, or computer. That way you can be reminded of these words all summer long. To download, just click on an image below and it will open in a new tab. Save the image to your device by long pressing on a phone and select "save image", or if on a computer, right-click and select "save image".


Computer Wallpaper

A Year with the Gospel of John

As we make our way through our year with the Gospel of John, additional digital journals will be added here. You're invited to download them to a digital device or print them out.

When downloaded to a digital device like an iPad, reMarkable tablet, or other tablets, you can use a stylus or Apple Pencil to take notes. The table of contents is clickable so you can navigate quickly to that part of the journal. You can also click on events at the end of the journal so you can easily learn more about something you're interested in.

In addition, the journals work well with apps like GoodNotes and Notability.

Our Current Series Journal