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Welcoming People in a Way That Draws Them in and Points Them to Jesus

Whether it’s someone’s first time at church, their first time in a long time, or they attend every week, we want them to feel welcome, comfortable, and included. From the moment guests pull into the parking lot until they leave the building, we want them to feel at home. How do we do it? We ask everyone—people just like you—to join our mission to welcome people by inviting their friends to Providence and going out of their way to make guests feel welcome. We also provide specific opportunities to serve as part of the Hospitality Ministry: once-a-month on Sunday mornings, on Care Night, and at special events. We provide everything you need to get started: training, a spiritual gifts assessment, and a chance to shadow an experienced volunteer before jumping in yourself!

Greeter Team

The Greeter Team extends a genuine welcome to people as they enter our building. This includes opening the doors for people, engaging in friendly conversation, handing out programs, and assisting first-time guests in navigating the building. Greeter positions are located both inside and outside the building. Extroverts welcome!

Parking Team

The Parking Team is our first chance to make a good impression and welcome guests before they even enter the building. This team helps people safely navigate the parking lot, locate a parking space, and safely enter and exit the building. The perks of this job include wearing cool neon safety apparel, carrying an official walkie-talkie, and the use of Providence Church golf umbrellas.

Server Team

The Server Team offers hospitality to guests by preparing and serving refreshments before our services on Sunday mornings. This team also serves Tuesday Care Night dinners and assists with other special events during the week. No special skills are required, just a smile, willing hands, and a heart to serve.

Usher Team

Ushers help guests find a seat in the Worship Center, pass offering baskets, assist with communion, and accommodate those who have special needs.

Worship Center Reset Team

The Worship Center Reset Team resets the Worship Center after services. Responsibilities include straightening chairs, and picking up programs, cups, and other trash. This team also checks the men’s and women’s restrooms in between services to make sure they are stocked and clean.

Join the Hospitality Team!

If you love people, a spot on a Hospitality Team awaits.

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