Growing Closer to God and Others

Small Groups

The Adult Ministry at Providence Church happens in Small Groups that meet both in person and online. A Small Group is a gathering of around 12–16 people of a similar age and stage of life. There may be those just beginning to explore God, while others might have a rich history in the Christian faith. In-person small groups meet at least twice a month, usually in a home or a coffee shop, for food, fellowship, Bible study, and prayer. Or if you’re not in the local area or prefer to gather remotely, online small groups are also available. And don’t worry, when you’re part of a small group you will not be put on the spot or expected to speak, lead, or pray aloud. Volunteers who feel comfortable doing so will lead the discussion or host the gathering.
Small Groups are great for adults and families alike.

Discipleship Groups

A Discipleship Group is an even smaller group of individuals intent on becoming deeply connected followers of Jesus. These groups typically start on their own.

Get Involved

Launch events are held twice a year for both Small Groups and Discipleship Groups. If you are interested in joining a Small Group or Discipleship Group, please email Joy Dodge for next steps or other opportunities to get connected.