Searching for a church home isn’t easy. It’s often in times of transition that people become discouraged or distracted, and simply give up on good habits they’ve held for a long time; like attending church. When our family was in such a transition, God (and friends!) led us to Providence Church. The climate and culture of the church, the mission you could feel in the building each Sunday morning, drew us in. The forthright preaching on what life with God looks like, the sincerity of the music, the growing strength of the ministry programs, all came together to give us the confidence that THIS was the place God wanted us to be.

There is momentum at Providence. And it’s not the momentum mustered from simply the efforts of people powering through things with the strength they can muster. It’s a momentum that is deeper than that. It’s a momentum pushed along and purposed by the Holy Spirit. It’s people, living from the strength of the Spirit in them, not their own strength, that continues to make Providence Church what it is.

Being a part of Providence Church has helped anchor our family. As the pushes and pulls and demands of life continue to affront us, we’ll continue to hold on to Jesus as we find Him and experience Him each day, thanks in large part to the ministry and worship we are a part of at Providence.