Small Groups Ministry Thoughts
Providence Connected Vol. 2

Care for Your Soul Through Community

Living in community and staying connected with others can be a challenge while at home. This is why we need our community now more than ever! Staying connected to your small group will give our souls assurance that we are in this together and that we are not alone. If you need extra care and support, please reach out to your small group members. Let's make the extra effort to stay connected with each other! Small groups are having great success using Zoom, a video conferencing website, to remain connected. For more information on using Zoom, see last week's article for instructions. And of course, If you need any assistance using Zoom, please contact Joy Dodge, Director of Connections or at or Pastor Mark.

Engage with Your Small Group

Sunday's messages have hit home with what is happening in our world as well as what may be happening in our hearts. Please visit the messages page on our website for discussion guides to lead you through conversations on the recent sermons. Here are some tips on having a successful and engaging small group meeting using Zoom:
  • Facilitators, begin by checking in with your members. Some of your members may have not spoken with a soul for the entire week. Asking simple questions such as "How are you?" and "How are things going" can help your small group members feel seen and heard. Ask, but then listen to the responses. We need each other!
  • Be mindful of who is speaking. Having several people on a Zoom call at once can be a bit overwhelming at first...especially if everyone attempts to speak at the same time! Just like in your normal meetings, be mindful of who is sharing. You can even go old-school and give a little hand raise if you want to share. It works!
  • You can mute. At the bottom left of your screen, you'll see a mute button. This is helpful if you are meeting when kids or pets are loud in the background. Just don't forget to unmute yourself when it's your turn to talk!
  • Make adjustments as needed. Do you normally meet at 6:30pm but now everyone is able to meet earlier? Would meeting weekly instead of every other week be a better fit during this season? We have several groups making adjustments for this period so feel free to do what's best for your group!