Providence Students Ministry Thoughts
Providence Connected Vol. 1

Care for the Student's Soul

We have found a few ways that have become helpful for families in this time and we're reminded that our students are taking on the same stress as adults. It's our prayer that the simple daily practices and rhythms below produce peace and comfort in your homes.
  1. Have a scripture (Psalm 91, anyone?) that you read as a family
  2. Pray together at the same time each day
  3. Eat together
  4. Have an outdoor walk as a family
  5. Limit screen time
  6. Play card and board games. We have even seen some families turn this into a tournament by keeping score each night.
  7. Spend one-on-one time with each child. Ask questions, listen, and ask follow up questions.

Engagement for Students

The Providence Students Team has worked to engage with your students on a regular bases. Here are the ways that your student can engage: Sunday Night Live on YouTube Every Sunday Night at 7:00 pm we will go live on YouTube. This is for all our middle and high school students. Join us! Small Groups Small groups will continue meeting weekly online. Small Goup Leaders are reaching out to students to let them know how this will work. They will be meeting with online video meetings. If you haven’t signed up for a Small Group, this would be an incredible time for your student to get plugged into a group. Social Media Instagram: @provstudents_ Facebook: @ProvStudentsUMC We post at 12:00 pm each day the following five daily items as a way engage with your students.
  1. Scripture: This is a scripture that we are asking students to read and respond to each day
  2. Prayer Focus: Provided is an outline and focus for a time of prayer
  3. Worship: We are linking to some of our favorite worship videos to declare our praises to God.
  4. Questions: We have some fun questions to ask students
  5. Letters: This is huge! This is our tornado relief project right now. We are writing letters of encouragement, support, and love to those serving our communities.
Offline Offerings If you've made the decision to not have your student on social media, we honor that decision. Below you will see each four of the five areas. Scripture
  • Sunday: Philippians 3.13-14
  • Monday: Colossians 3.1-2
  • Tuesday: Psalm 42.11
  • Wednesday: 1 Corinthians 13.13
  • Thursday: Psalm 25.5
  • Friday: 1 Peter 3.15
  • Saturday: Proverbs 24.14
  • Sunday: Ephesians 3.20
Worship Prayer Topic
  • Sunday: Faith
  • Monday: Healing
  • Tuesday: Family
  • Wednesday: Yourself
  • Thursday: Peace
  • Friday: Hope
  • Saturday: Trust
Writing Topic
  • Sunday: Local Pastors (for other church pastors)
  • Monday: Non profit groups helping our city in this time of need
  • Tuesday: Teachers
  • Wednesday: Local business that have helped out their community
  • Thursday: City Officials
  • Friday: Fire Department
  • Saturday: MJPD