Providence KIDS Find Comfort in Sadness

By Lindsay Williamson, Director of Children's Ministries

Sadness may not feel like a blessing, yet in the Beatitudes Jesus teaches us that we will be blessed in our mourning through God’s comfort. God knows what it is like to feel sad. He loves us and is sad when we are sad. Instead of trying to stuff inside our feelings of sadness, God wants us to bring them to Him for comfort. He wants to scoop us up, hold us, and comfort us with the promise that He is here and will never leave . . . like a good parent with a dearly loved child.

We asked some ProvKIDS, when was a time in your life that you felt sad or mourned? How did you feel comforted?

A time I felt really sad was when my Nanny died (great nanny). I always pray for her at night and check with God to see how she is doing and sometimes I ask if she is eating pizza in heaven. This comforts me!

Grey Oakley - age 6

My saddest time was when I found out that Yaya died but my dad talked to me about it and it made me feel better.

Lydia Blevins - age 8

My saddest time was when my dad was in the hospital and to make me feel better I listened to a song.

Luke Blevins - age 10

I was sad when the boy was mean to me at the ball field. I felt better by not listening to him and then just trying my best.

Lawson Blevins - age 4

I was really sad when my Papa passed away and my Grannie helped and comforted me.

Makayla Hutto - age 10

I was really sad when sissy pushed one of his toys away from him and he couldn't play with it. And what made him happy again was mommy.

Hucksley Hutto - age 3

Sometimes when we are sad, we can be comforted quickly and it doesn’t last long. Other times, our sadness might take a long time to comfort. That can be frustrating. God never promises us we won't be sad, but He continually promises to never leave us. So in those times of long sadness, don’t push it away or run away from it. It is okay to feel it. Keep picking it up and bringing it to God, trusting that God loves you so much that He will never leave your side. He is there to comfort you.

In sad times, it may help to look for different ways God provides comfort. Comfort may come from a smile from your mom or a hug from your sister. It might be a silly picture from a friend or a pet coming over and jumping in your lap or giving you a slobbery kiss. It can be a scripture you read in your Bible, words of a song, or a beautiful view. Writing these moments down in a journal will help remind you that God is with you.

Here are some questions for reflection or to connect with others in conversation:

  • When do you feel sad?
  • What ways has God blessed you with comfort when you have felt sad?
  • In what ways can you be a blessing of comfort to others who are sad?