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SERIES: I Want To See Jesus

I Want To See Jesus

There is an old song of the church...well, it’s from the 1970s, which seems like a long time ago, that says: Open our eyes Lord We want to see Jesus To reach out and touch Him And say that we love Him When this song is sung in the church you can feel the longing of the church to actually see Jesus. To lay eyes on Him. But sometimes, it feels hard to see Jesus. Well, when Jesus walked the earth, people wanted to see Him. Short people climbed trees just to see Jesus. Little children were drawn to Jesus' gentle way and were welcomed to see Him. Hurting people, lonely people, even blind people longed to see Jesus. In this series we will seek to see Jesus. We will ask Him to show up in our lives right now. Like the characters in the Bible, we may be surprised to see where Jesus shows up: riding on a donkey, hanging on a cross, walking out of a grave, and yes, right with us, longing for us to see Him.

February 26, 2023 - April 2, 2023 | 6 Messages

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