Meet John and Rebecca!

  Grace & Glory is taking a stand against poverty in Haiti through education, nutrition, and leadership development. They strive to show God’s love while providing hope to those in need. At the Benevolence School where John and Rebecca attend, Grace & Glory provides education for children and brings hope while empowering students, their family, and the community it serves. Providence KIDS loves kids (as you can imagine!) and believes wholeheartedly in this beautiful mission! We're excited to partner with Grace & Glory, but we anticipate our new friendship will bring just as much hope and light to our kids as it does to John and Rebecca. In a book called Small Matters: How Parents and Churches Can Raise Up World-Changing Children, authors Greg Nettle and Santiago Mellado talk about how as parents, we're constantly looking for ways to move our children away from poverty, or hurt of any kind. Our hearts ache for our kids to be safe and have good things, and we believe that God's heart desires safety and good things for us, too. But perhaps just as important, we need to be intentional about creating experiences and exposing our kids, whose toy chests are often overflowing and pantries full, to help move them away from self-centeredness. We need to expose them to things that challenge them to serve rather than be served, to give rather than receive. Perhaps not exposing our children to these experiences is just as detrimental to our children as we think living in poverty could be. Providence KIDS will be introduced to John and Rebecca through photos on Sunday, March 31, and will spend time writing letters and creating something special for them in class. How cool will it be for them to receive encouraging letters from hundreds of kids saying they are being prayed for? Before that date, we ask that you sit and talk with your children about Grace & Glory, and about a chore your child can do to earn money to give toward this sponsorship. If each child offers twenty-five cents per month, it will cover the cost of the sponsorship for both children. Twenty-five cents is not a lot, but we ask passionately that you do not just give your child this quarter. Our heart for our kids in this sponsorship is to help them move away from self-centeredness and give their time to serve so that others may receive. We will begin collecting offering in our 2-year (even 2-year-olds are helpers) - 5th grade classrooms on April 7. If you're interested in sponsoring a child as a family, you can go to to learn more.