Enjoy the spacious place the Providence Church nature trails provide.

One of the blessings to our church and a gift to the community is our nature trails. I have found our big backyard gives me a place to explore like a kid again. At each of the trail heads a nice map showing the trail loop. Depending upon the time of year you'll see seasonal flowers planted along the way and wildflowers we all can admire, but please leave them for others to enjoy. Wildlife is present even when we don't see it, so having our cameras ready is a great idea. It's also a good to be prepared with bug spray and to stay on the path. There's poison ivy in them there woods. We hope you will take time to enjoy the spacious place the Providence Church trails provide. They are here for everyone. God's creation is so amazing it's hard for me not to say, "God made that," as an affirmation of my faith. [caption id="attachment_15339" align="alignleft" width="225"]Betsy Hall | Providence Church | Mount Juliet TN Betsy Hall[/caption]