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Table Talk 2

Table Talk 2: Discover You

In this Table Talk, Pastor Angela talks about how God has uniquely created and gifted you, and invites you to take a spiritual gifts inventory assessment. The Providence Worship Band even makes an appearance for a moment of worship before taking the assessment. It's our hope that using what you already know about yourself, along with what you learn from the assessment, that you'll be further equipped to live out the calling God has given you. Then it's off to Table Talk 3 where you put it all together to connect with Providence Church.

Spiritual Gifts Inventory Assessment

A few things before beginning:

  • For the best experience, take the assessment on a computer or tablet rather than a mobile phone. The phone's small screen can make it challenging at times.
  • This 80 question assessment will take approximately 10 minutes and must be done in one sitting.
  • Please complete the form on this page when you are finished to continue to Table Talk 3.

Answer Range

Referencing this answer range may be helpful as you complete the spiritual gifts inventory.

1 - Never

2 - Almost Never

3 - Rarely

4 - Sometimes

5 - Often

6 - Almost Always

7 - Always

Tell Us About Your Assessment Results

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