I’ve gone to church for as long as I can remember. Nice churches with nice people, nice pastors with nice sermons. But, I never felt like I belonged. My heart yearned to be connected. No matter how hard I tried I just didn’t feel it.

Before we left Baton Rouge, I told my husband, Frank, that I would love to find a church where the pastor preached the Bible and how to apply it to every day life. I was so tired of nice speeches. I wanted more.

Looking back I can see how God opened door after door, and closed some too. He brought us to Providence. The very first Sunday I walked into Stoner Creek changed me. This young man with an infectious smile spoke God’s words and they touched me deeply. His words woke up that longing I had given up. As I walked out of church, Jacob shook my hand and gave me a big smile. I told him I believed he had been listening in on my prayers and his message had been for me.

Eight years later, Jacob is still God’s messenger speaking His words into my heart. The crazy thing is there’s a church full of people who say the same thing! I’ve found the teaching I needed and a place where I’m encouraged to be all God made me to be.

I’m no longer searching for “the place.” I’ve found it! I’m where God has called me to be and my heart is full. I’m home.