On Sunday around 8:00 we walk into West Wilson Middle School where we are greeted with sincere smiles, “good mornings,” and welcomes! We sit at a round table and have our donuts, coffee, and juice. About 5 minutes before the first service begins, I tell my guys, “Let’s go on in.” We walk into that middle school gym with faces who have become familiar and hugs from new friends. We sing and worship, and I cry. We listen to an amazing sermon by Pastor Jacob that fills our souls right up, and I feel like Jesus is standing next to me holding my hand. And, I cry some more. We then welcome our guys back from Providence KIDS and take the bread and drink juice. “Go in peace” we hear at the very end…. And, we do. Every single Sunday.

I would love for you to join us this Sunday. Or, next Sunday. Or, whenever you’re ready to say “Yes.” Please know YOU are always welcome to come sit next to us.

Providence Church has changed our life. In the most beautiful way. And, I know He would do the same in you.

Photo credit: By Shea Photography