Outreach Ministry Thoughts
Providence Connected Vol. 1

Care for Your Soul in the Quiet with God

Our community has experienced a lot in a short period of time and our church community has been the hands and feet of Jesus in an overwhelming way the last 20 days. Yes, it's only been 20 days. Thank you. It seems counterintuitive in outreach to stop gathering to do work when we so clearly see the need. But, I was reminded by Pastor Mark that Jesus did this time and time again...he was still, he went to quiet places to be with God. I even said it to you all just after the tornadoes before COVID-19 came to the forefront of our minds...this is not a sprint, it is a marathon and God will call us to be still in unprecedented ways. So, YOU have served in a lot of work in 20 days.

Engage by Helping Others from Afar

We have seen all that we have done in our community thus far and you may be wondering: What can we do now?
  1. Residents affected by the tornadoes can still visit www.recoverwilson.com to find available resources and submit additional needs they have. Share this information with anyone you know who is in need.
  2. We have worked closely with Wilson County Schools to replenish their food supply and are continuing to do that in the safest way possible. Your giving has made this possible.
  3. Pray Psalm 91. We are asking you to pray this prayer for 91 Days. Prayer is an outreach and God is teaching us and guiding us in how we will continue to faithfully serve once we're able to gather again.
  4. Follow our church social media posts. Like them and share them. They bring community together in unique ways.
  5. Check on your neighbors and the elderly near you, if you are able. Simply reaching out is the mission of the church at work.