It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

By Allison Vines

It's okay to not be okay. This is a common phrase and a very true one during this season. Do you feel like your emotions are on a theme park ride of some sort? Mine have shifted from the rollercoaster to the merry-go-round. The same waves of gratefulness, grief, peace, anxiety, and calm to round and round and round often to whimsical music. I am telling myself that it’s okay. We live in the present and today’s "okay" is enough. Notice what is right, what is good, true, and beautiful. Let yourself experience gratitude. For people of faith, that experience of gratitude IS prayer.

Prayer is a perfect way to engage with our souls and God. Prayer is the link between us and God. Our prayers can be endless conversations throughout the day with God. Our prayers can be in the form of journaling. Our prayers can be in moments of solitude. Our prayers can be loud or soft, boisterous or gentle. You can also engage with others through prayer by praying together and for each other...even virtually or over the phone.