God Is With Us

By Betsy Hall, Pastor of Care & Spiritual Formation

This week Pastor Jacob gave us a sentence prayer, did you catch it?
“Oh Jesus, meek, strong King. We submit to you, come now and give us this promise.”

I would encourage you to write down this sentence prayer in your handwriting and place it on your home altar.

Home altar? You’re probably thinking, That’s a little weird. Let me explain.

In my kitchen I have a small wicker and iron table that serves as a home altar.
I’ve added items that give me joy and make me grateful to God:
a shell that reminds me of God’s creation
a Cross imprinted on a stone
a candle representing the Holy Spirt’s presence with me
a small bowl for prayers and Bible verses
and an picture (icon) of Jesus

Each item is special because of who gave it to me. This little home altar reminds me that I am not alone. God is always with me.

Your home altar may have religious art your kids have made, a plant, maybe a picture of a special baptism.

Some altars are built outside. The Scriptures describe people building altars after they had an experience with God. Today we might call that a “God moment.” You could certainly set up a corner in your yard to go to for prayer, to read a devotion, or to sit quietly. I hope if you have one or create one you’ll post a picture of it on social media with the hashtag #homealtar and tag @prov_church.