Easter Morning, Easter Evening, and Today

By Betsy Hall, Pastor of Care & Spiritual Formation

Easter Morning, Easter Evening, and Today Newsletter Image | Providence Church | Mt. Juliet, TN

In Pastor Jacob’s sermon yesterday he talked about three feelings that the Easter story highlighted. First, was Mary’s grief. Second, was the disciple’s fear. And third, was Thomas’s doubt. Like the early Christians, you and I will experience these in life. It doesn’t mean we don’t have faith, it means we’re living in the real world, and sometimes we need help making sense of what’s going on.

Living day-to-day requires we stay focused in the present which is hard to do. Staying in the present requires that you and I remain aware of God working in our lives. It requires that we remember that God loves us deeply and is with us. This can be a challenge when our minds try to convince us that “we’ve got this.” Sometimes our bravest act is to reach out and say “I need some help.”

Throughout history and in the Christian tradition we read about people who went out to the desert in search of help to discern God’s work in their lives. Today you don’t have to go to the desert. Sometimes the desert is all around you. At Providence Church you have a safe place to ask for help.

Through our Spiritual Direction ministry you have access to people who will walk with you on your journey. They are trained in the ancient Christian ministry of spiritual direction. They can help you make sense of your life and your questions.

Providence Church offers two free sessions of spiritual direction to everyone. If you’d like to learn more click this link, or if you aren’t sure and want help figuring out your next step, email me and we'll find a time to talk.