But Easter Is Coming

By Betsy Hall

Holy Week moves from Palm Sunday through a series of events – that if we are too quick – we miss the fullness of Jesus' humanity. As Christians, it's important for us that Jesus is Lord and Savior but it's also important for us to remember he understands sin and our weakness to sin.

This week, please take time to read John 13-19 and spend some time to see not only the difficult passages but to see the promises in them, like:

  • The promise of the Holy Spirit
  • The disciples' grief (and ours) will turn to joy
  • Jesus' prayer for the disciples (and us!)

It's during this week that we begin to understand that Jesus Christ fully understands our pain, our grief, our anxieties, and fears because he experienced those too. We have a great High Priest who listens to our confessions and forgives. Spend some time during Holy Week reading and reflecting on who God is in Jesus then reach out to someone and ask them who God is to them.