Summer Care Classes for Women


TUESDAYS, JUN 14 – JUL 19 | 6:30-8:00 PM

Group size is limited, so please register early.
Childcare provided.

This summer you are invited to walk together tenderly toward hope and healing with two classes that meet the specific needs of women within our church community.

  • On the Threshold of Hope offers hope and healing to those who have been traumatized by sexual abuse. This study offers insights and quotations from many survivors to assure group participants that they are not alone and that Christ, the Redeemer, can heal their deep wounds. Cost: $7 for the suggested book.
  • Understanding and Finding Freedom from Toxic Relationships discusses defining healthy vs unhealthy relationships and the characteristics of each as they pertain to different relationship types (spouse, parents, friends, siblings, etc). Group participants are given a safe space to discuss their experiences and provide support and feedback from one another as well as from the group leader, and learn about communication styles and setting boundaries. * No book for this group.

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