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Care Night Winter Series

Tuesday Evenings
Jan 18 – Feb 22
Join us any time during the series.
Childcare Provided

Tuesday Evening Schedule

5:15 – 6:30 Complimentary Dinner (arrive anytime)
6:30 Worship
6:45 Classes

The vision of Care Night is to offer a place where we can all come, just as we are, and find comfort and rest in the presence of those around us who walk beside us. We live into this vision by offering a safe place each week where we can come together and be fed, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Through gifts of food, worship, and guidance, we begin the journey towards healing. We live into the truth that we are not alone. Everyone is welcome!


Classes This Series

Led by licensed counselors, therapists, spiritual directors, or trained facilitators.
For the best experience, some classes suggest a book. A book purchase is not required to take any class.

Alive Hospice Grief Support Group
This group is for anyone who has experienced the death of a loved one, usually within the past two years.  This group is a safe setting where you can connect with others who have experienced loss, and find encouragement from others who understand.

Learn the benefits of healthy boundaries and how to establish them in such a way to honor God, ourselves, and others.
Cost: $7 suggested for the book associated with this class.

Breathing Under Water
For anyone who seeks greater freedom and wholeness, this class offers 12 steps to apply to our lives, hurts, and habits.
Cost: $7 suggested for the book associated with this class.

Emotional & Spiritual Health for Parents & Youth

  • For Parents: Do you ever feel like your child’s emotions are running your life? Join us as we focus on learning the parental tools for mindfulness and regulating our emotions. At the same time, your children have the opportunity to learn these tools for themselves in a class designed just for them (see next class below).
  • For Youth: Have you ever felt like your emotions are running your life? Do you want to learn healthier ways to cope with your life stressors? This group will work together to learn the necessary tools for mindfulness and emotional regulation.

PAL – Parents of Addicted Loved Ones
Provides hope and support through addiction education for parents dealing with an addicted loved one of any age.

Safe People *Participants are encouraged to take the Boundaries class before Safe People.*
Now that you’ve worked on Boundaries, and continue to do that work, you may be ready to enter into new relationships or re-enter into old ones in new ways.  This group will focus on making safe choices in relationships, from family to friendship, romance, and work.
Cost: $7 suggested for the book associated with this class.

Soul Care
Learn to care well for yourself spiritually, emotionally, and physically in 2022. Join us for discussions on why this is so important and how to begin implementing healthy habits of self-care.

Understanding Our Emotions – A Class for 2nd-5th Graders
This class is a safe place for our children to start talking about all of the emotions they have and work on learning coping skills for each one. 

Voice of the Heart
We have eight feelings that allow us to live fully in a tragic place-hurt, lonely, sad, anger, fear, shame, guilt, and glad. By listening to these eight God-given tools, we can be who we are made to be, so we can do what we are made to do.
*This class is also being offered online. Join this class from the comfort of your home for an interactive class experience.
Cost: $7 suggestedd for the book associated with this class.  

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