My Providence Stories

We invite you to enjoy these stories from fellow Providence Church members. You are sure to find them uplifting, encouraging, and inspiring.

  • Brooks Family

    Brooks Family

    Work brought us from the Caribbean island of St. Martin to Nashville in the summer of 2012. Our first week here, Greg and Carol Engroff invited us to worship at Providence Church. Back then, the congregation met in the gym of West Wilson Middle School, and in many ways, it … Read More

  • Susan Ramsey

    Susan Ramsey

    I’ve gone to church for as long as I can remember. Nice churches with nice people, nice pastors with nice sermons. But, I never felt like I belonged. My heart yearned to be connected. No matter how hard I tried I just didn’t feel it. Before we left Baton Rouge, … Read More

  • Bledsoe Family

    Bledsoe Family

    Searching for a church home isn’t easy. It’s often in times of transition that people become discouraged or distracted, and simply give up on good habits they’ve held for a long time; like attending church. When our family was in such a transition, God (and friends!) led us to Providence Church. The … Read More

  • Sara Rose

    Sara Rose

    On Sunday around 8:00 we walk into West Wilson Middle School where we are greeted with sincere smiles, “good mornings,” and welcomes! We sit at a round table and have our donuts, coffee, and juice. About 5 minutes before the first service begins, I tell my guys, “Let’s go on … Read More

  • Brandy Cooper

    Brandy Cooper

    In November of 2012, my mom, dad, and I were looking for a new church home. A friend at work told my mom about Providence, and the first week of December we visited for the first time. That night, I went to the youth group by myself, not knowing anyone … Read More

  • Mike And Rachael Mattone

    Mike And Rachael Mattone

    We were both raised in a religious family, Rachael being Catholic and I being Lutheran. We were married in a Catholic church but really struggled to find a church that we liked. Once we had kids, our desire to find a place to call our church home grew even more, … Read More

  • Carson Cowan

    Carson Cowan

    I am 10 years old!! I have been a Christian since I was a baby!! I am in God’s path!! I told my mom I was ready to walk with Him a couple weeks ago!!! Jesus will always be the one I worship at all times and will be at … Read More

  • Haley Sissom

    Haley Sissom

    I was in high school when my family and I joined Providence Church. I joined Providence YOUTH and felt like I had found my place. As a high school student I had lost my way. I had sunk into a deep depression. Kacie Maercker, the Youth Director at Providence, was … Read More

  • Chad Grant

    Chad Grant

    My Providence story actually starts just after high school. A friend I was teaching to play bass joined a Christian rock band called Sidetracked. I went to see them play and was introduced to this curly-headed guy named Jacob who was their singer and front man. We became friends and … Read More

  • Valerie Craig

    Valerie Craig

    I’ve always placed a high priority in building deep, intimate relationships. I am a wife, a mama, a daughter, a friend, an aunt, a sister, a granddaughter, a niece, and a crime victim advocate. I was blessed to be raised in a home where the Bible was taught, and I … Read More

  • Julia Belsante

    Julia Belsante

    I never thought I’d meet Jesus in an elementary school gym or that I’d learn so much about God from a group of five year olds. But that’s how my Providence story happened. I didn’t grow up going to church but had felt Jesus pulling at my heart since I … Read More